Saturday, April 19, 2014

To the land He has shown me.

Seeking Genesis. 

Seek Him and His kingdom & righteousness FIRST. These past six months, I have been trying to seek Him FIRST. If I pursue my relationship with God, all these great things will be given unto me. I believe that, logically and spiritually.

In Genesis, God commands Abram to leave his home and his country and go to the land that I will He will show him. In Davis, God has urged me to GO as well. At first, I hesitated. Is Uganda where God wants me to go? But after seeking Him in prayer and in scripture, it was clear that God isn't always clear. Go to the land I will show you. He doesn't always explicitly lay out His plans. Instead, He expects us to follow His lead.

So here I go. Following God to a country and a continent I never thought I would go. To a land that God is showing me, one that is full of passion, love and joy. Three of my favorite things! 

That is why I called my blog Seeking Genesis. To be honest, it took me a long time to think of a title. I wanted it to be creative, but more importantly to have meaning. I feel that this short title is full of significance. "Seeking" implies action. Our faith requires action, a constant pursuit of truth and relationship. "Genesis" also means origin, and I believe that this experience will be the root of a new branch of my faith. I anticipate my life being changed in unimaginable ways. And I hope my walk with Jesus will be strengthened, challenged and multiplied. 

Thank you for reading. I hesitate writing a blog because it's "what everyone does." But this doesn't have to be about me, or you. This blog is about God and the beautiful, life changing adventure He has me on. Its about the work He is doing in Uganda, and his beloved people there. God willing, this blog will be just one chapter of the magnificent story He is writing in my life and the lives of His creation. 

You are loved.


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