Friday, July 11, 2014

Dream big.

There was a lot about the Ugandan people that I admired. I mentioned in an early post that their heart and willingness to serve was unlike anything I had encountered. They were also full of hope. God provided them a hope that was far beyond what would be expected. They also looked to heaven more than most Christians I know.

But what struck me the most was their courage to dream big. They saw their papyrus structure and were bold enough to pray for something bigger and better.

Our team and all our supporters were part of God's plan to answer those prayers!! 

To save money, the workers made a lot of the materials by hand!

One of the two offices

This is Pastor Richard. The two offices are on either side of him, and behind him is the main sanctuary area where the old structure will be until their is a roof on the new building.

This is an outside view of the new church, all made of brick. There was more added to the structure throughout the week we were there. The roof in the background is the old papyrus structure. 

The church currently runs a nursery school in the old structure, but they have dreams of a larger building with more kids. Pastor Richard and his congregation see their run-down city of Mbale and dream of a radical transformation. 

They are doing what I desire to do, what God calls us to do. Ask and you shall receive! Dream big and allow God to fulfill those fantasies in ways we never imagined. I am so thankful for their dreams and the courage to proclaim them. It is inspiring to witness their desire to see a little bit more of heaven here on Earth. I pray that they will continue to imagine an earthly realm much better than the one in front of them.

Our trip was just a small part of a much larger picture. And there is still more to be done. As a team, we are praying and thinking about how we can continue to support this village, these churches and the amazing people that we encountered. One of the ways is to continue to give financially to the building of the church in Bukigai. But we cannot do that on our own! While the "how to" is still in the works, it is our hope to see this project to completion! 

My hope is to have dreams as big as the Christians in Eastern Uganda. We so often underestimate our God and what he can do. There is so much need, how can we ever do it all? Luckily, God is bigger than all of it. And He will use us as long as we are open to it. I cannot wait to see what He does with me and the churches in Uganda!

You are loved. 

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