Sunday, October 11, 2015


Sometimes, I just don't feel like worshipping. I am tired or disconnected or distracted. I don't have the warm, tingling sensation as a I sing out to our great Lord. I lack the reverence, the joy and the heart-felt connection that I am used too. That I long for.

Sometimes I feel disingenuous when I sing and do not feel these emotions or sensations. Am I really worshipping if my heart is not in it?

Yes. It is worship irregardless of how I feel about it. It is not about me, or my feelings, or my "place with God." It is about Him, His feelings and His place in my life. It is about praising His name, his works, His goodness, His work on the cross and the grace He has extended. We are to praise Him every morning and every night, in the good times but especially in the bad. Our feelings do not dictate Him, or His worthiness to be praise.

God designed us to be worshipful beings that sing out His praises all day long. But we don't live in that perfect world, and sometimes its okay to sing out when you don't feel like it. Actually, it is probably more meaningful when we worship in our yuckiness, in our despair, in our pain. Sometimes it's about obedience, and singing to Him because he deserves it, all the time, any time.

One time I asked Milly, our resident Ugandan, if she ever felt like not worshipping. Has she ever experienced the lack of desire to sing out praises? Her answer was an adamant no. "There is no place I would rather be than worshipping my Lord." She isn't kidding, and she is for real. This woman is the epitome of Holy Spirit filled and inspired.

Her intention was not to make me feel bad, or to compare. Her only responsibility is to our one true God. I am sure there are times when she does not feel the goodness and the greatness of our Lord. But ultimately she knows that is isn't about her, or me, or you. It is about Him, His son and His spirit. May we worship Him today, tomorrow and always. Because He deserves it, requires it and desires it.

You are loved.

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