Sunday, May 4, 2014

God Provides.

Over and over, God provides.

He provides for my little, insignificant needs. He provides the most important fundamental needs, like community and love and unconditional acceptance.

Recently, He has been providing financially. This morning I had the opportunity to share at my church about how He has provided in times of need recently, and how that has encouraged me to give more to Him and His church. Here is a little bit of what I said:

"Over the past two years, I have been giving more regularly. But whenever I was low on funds, I would skip a month or two of my tithe.  Recently, I again felt convicted to become a better steward with my money by starting a budget plan. My sister was visiting a few weeks ago and she helped me set it up. Due to all the traveling, weddings and car payments recently, we realized that I had 42 dollars for the next 10 days when I would get paid again. Than the asked me the dreadful question: did you give your tithe for this paycheck. “No….But can’t I just starting giving my tithe next month??” Luckily, my sister and my two good friends held me accountable. So that next day I gave half of the 42 dollars to the church and was left with 22 dollars for ten days. I was unsure and worried that it wasn’t going to be enough. However, I knew my sister was right when she said: “God can do more with your 90% than you can do with your 100%”

            And God provided. That same night, my friend Katie, who was visiting, felt compelled to give me $25 dollars, without knowing my financial situation at all. So in the matter of hours, my allowance had doubled. A few days later, one of my customers at the coffee shop came in, on a day I wasn’t even suppose to be working, and handed my coworker and I a 20 dollar bill. He stated nonchalantly- “I have been meaning to give this you, it’s a tip. Id rather just hand it to you than put it in the tip jar.” So now I was at 67 dollars, with a week left to go. That same night, my friend gave me 25 more dollars because she had owed me money, which I had forgotten to account for in my original budget. Within a week, God had tripled my original amount!"

 Not only that, but I am thrilled to report that I am FULLY FUNDED! God did another crazy thing- a couple for my church, who have been a huge part of my community and encouragement here in Davis, had waited a while before they decided the extent they wanted to support me. When they checked in with me on Wednesday, I had reached $3000 dollars out of my $3500 goal. In his typical fashion, this friend nonchalantly stated: do you want us to finish it off for you?

Uhh..what? You mean like give me $500 dollars?!? I was blown away, and I first I responded in pride and said no. That is too much. I can't take that. But eventually I said: I want as much as you two have decided in your hearts to give me. "That was the amount we decided upon." 

God had already prepared their hearts to give me the 500 dollars before they even knew I needed it. They planned to give me the exact amount that I needed. CRAZY, right?!?

God is so good. He provides. Over and over again.

You are loved,

PS- Thank you for each and every one of you who have donated to my trip. Thank you for participating in what God has for me in Uganda. I am so glad you get to be a part of it with me!!

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