Friday, July 3, 2015

[2015] One week down!

So it has been a week already. Time is a weird phenomenon- it moves simultaneously slow and fast. Our five days in Bukigai were beautiful, joyful and too short. Part of my heart will forever be there!

I am currently at cafe arabica, my favorite spot to hang in Mbale. I have been looking forward to this cappuccino since I arrived in Uganda!

I don't have much time or internet, so I'll keep this short. Our program in Bukigai went fabulously- we trained and taught around 100 locals on the topics of positive parenting, poultry management and agriculture. The information was well received! By the third day, the people were teaching one another!

During the last part of the seminar, the group collaborated to build a chicken coop with left over materials from the church roof.

We also have a fully roofed structure!! It was awesome to watch them finish the rafters and put on the roofing!! I found a great joy in visiting the site a few times a day to encourage and cheer on the workers, who were Alex's brothers and friends!

This week they will be putting in doors and windows so the entire structure will be enclosed. Praise God!! We had a little taste of how wonderful that will be- each afternoon the tropical rains came and poured down and disrupted most everything. This sunday, our friends will have their first worship service in their new brick building! I have no doubt there will be much rejoicing.

From here, we will be visiting other churches under pastor Richard's care and offering a shortened version of the three day seminar we gave in Bukigai. The goal will be to expose them to a little bit of information, but mostly just to encourage the church members. We will be traveling a lot so please pray for travel mercies!

Please pray for these requests as well:
-successful completion of the church building
-effective trainings and sharing of knowledge
-continued health and unity of our team (we have really been enjoying each other's company!)
-establishing and continuing relationships with the people we encounter
-discussions with pastor richard and team about future plans and directions

Thank you!

You are loved.

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